The Island of Xaynms

|The Island of Xaynms| Story Six: Cecilia & Ashton

“Ash, I’m here again today!” Cecilia called out as cheerfully as ever, as she entered the cave-like house that belonged to Ash. She wore the glow of a girl happily in love, and she seemed to light up the dark rooms of the house. Ash’s house was gloomy all over-gray walls, black furniture, with fake spider webs in the corners of the walls-a polar opposite of Treyvian’s house.

Where Treyvian seemed to live in a white heaven, Ash seemed to find a dark hell comfortable.

Cecilia couldn’t help but notice this contrast as she walked through the familiar hallways to the room she knew Ash was. She began talking to herself out loud, and her voice echoed through the halls. She knew Ash would hear every word clearly. “You should see Treyvian’s house sometime, Ash! His house is like the house of an angel! Well, an angel fallen from heaven now, since he’s been labeled as a xaynm…never mind that. Your lair is where I belong!” She walked past a candle that blew out at her voice. The hallways grew even darker. However, Cecilia didn’t flinch at all. She was almost there.

The heavy wooden door opened before she reached it. Cecilia’s smile grew wider at the sight of Ash-Ash, with the black eye patch, the soft silver hair that was actually longer than Treyvian’s, currently tied up in a high, cool ponytail, the one magenta-colored eye that wasn’t under the eye patch, the slightly evil smile…really, Ash’s hair was the only thing that wasn’t dark around here.

“My lair is where you belong…huh?” The words slid out from Ash’s tongue like the words of a snake, luring her into the room, which was the darkest of the mansion. “Then what were you doing…in that man’s house?”

“I was just making friends!” Cecilia explained with no less enthusiasm than before. She wrapped her arms around Ash’s waist. “You do believe me, right?”

“Of course, Cecilia…” Ash then planted a kiss on her forehead in response. “Now come on in…”

The door closed.

In the following hours, the two would not be able to tell the time. This room was dark all day long. Cecilia filled Ash in with information about the world outside-news of the society in which they lived anyway. During these hours, Ash learned about the girl called Yinn.

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