The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Story Three: Treyvian’s Past

He had been oblivious to Society’s acceptance, or rather, how limited it was. Treyvian looked different, this the Society knew. At first, he was still a member of Society, or what people believed to be real civilization. He was generally better-looking than most, but it wasn’t abnormal enough for him to be sent to the school. After all, he could take up the role of a model.

He had a lot of followers-or fans. His looks got him support from all over Society, and most of Society’s teenage hearts.

“Treyvian, you are so awesome! Look at all the fan mails you’ve got today!” his younger sister would say, whenever she brought in the mail.

“You can read them for me,” he would respond thus. “And pretend they are yours.” After saying this, he would chuckle lightly, anticipating his dear sister’s following reaction.

“No! Treyvian don’t be lazy!” She would pout at him, throwing the letters at him. “Read them yourself!”

“Why must I? You would want some fan mail yourself, wouldn’t you?”

“Not from girls…”

“From boys?”

“Treyvian!” She would drag out the syllables in a faked accusatory tone.

He chuckled again.

“I want letters from you,” his sister said one day.

“We see each other every day.”

“Just one sentence a day? Please?” She nuzzled against him, blinking her large eyes.

He sighed. “Fine, then. I’ll write you a ‘good morning’ every day.”


Yes, his little sister loved him most, different from the love of his other supporters. And he loved her too, and wanted to show her the best of the world.

One night, Treyvian was standing on a hill, watching the moon. He raised his arm towards it, and realized for the thousandth time that the moon was a beauty he could never reach. But he wanted to try. He wanted to bring it down and show it to his sister. When he stepped forward again, he lost his footing and began to fall.

But he floated instead.

It was the night he found this abnormality.

Months later, Treyvian became a master at flying. He liked to soar up into the sky late at night, above all clouds and eagles, straight at the moon. It would’ve been impossible for a normal Society member to get so high up in the sky without any injuries or discomfort for the body, but it seemed like Treyvian was made for this.

Another night, he took his sister up there. “Let me show you something” was what he said to her.

Treyvian carried her, and then flew up above the clouds. “Up here, you can feel closer to the moon,” he said. He looked at the little girl in his arms.

She looked around everywhere, from her surroundings to her brother, with wonder in her eyes. Soon, wonder was replaced by terror. Her face turned pale, and she stammered, “Treyvian…Treyvian is…a xaynm……”

This line was uttered in a very soft whisper, but Treyvian heard it. He gasped, shocked and disappointed at the same time that his sister would not enjoy what he loved. He sighed, and let her back on the ground.

The siblings didn’t talk much after that. She no longer came to his room with a happy face about his fan mails. She no longer even took his mails. He stopped writing daily “letters” to her, and she didn’t complain. Deep down, Treyvian thanked her for not reporting his abnormality.

But then again, when he finally got found out, she didn’t defend him, but watched with a cold eye as he packed his baggage.

After that, Treyvian stopped flying. He couldn’t forget the ice in his sister’s eyes when Society accused him. All he wanted was to share the beauty of the sky with someone who would appreciate it as much as he did. Was that too much to hope for?

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