The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Story Two: Treyvian & Yinn

Under the tree, Yinn was sitting and staring off into the distance. She had been a shy girl before, but she smiled and laughed easily. However, after spending time with Treyvian, there was a change in her that she failed to notice, but some other xaynms did. This day, some female xaynms came to inform her of this change.

“Hey, Yinn,” said a girl who’d just walked by. She was one of the people who had hair that could turn into real fire. “Have you noticed?”

At first, Yinn didn’t hear her. She was daydreaming, not paying attention.

“I said! Hey, Yinn!” the girl called again.

“Oh. Sorry, what?”

The girl pinched both her cheeks, hard. “You have this blank face! Did you catch it off that kid Treyvian? You didn’t use to be like this!”

“I…do I?” Yinn touched her cheeks gingerly when the girl released her.

“Look at you, all blushing. You don’t think Treyvian would like you that way, do you? I doubt he likes anyone at all!”

“I wasn’t thinking about that.” But she was.

“Well, see for yourself. Tonight, when clock strikes twelve, go into the school.” After leaving this message, the fire girl left Yinn alone under the tree.

The school indeed had a building. It was the whole reason this island could be called an island with a school. Yet, having a building called school didn’t imply that there was education. It was just a building resembling a normal school. There was no one inside.

Out of curiosity, Yinn entered the school that night-when the clock struck twelve. From right inside the gates, she saw that a particular “classroom” had its lights on. She climbed the stairs to that classroom.

She opened the door.

Inside, Treyvian was sitting in the middle of the room, on a desk, wearing the expression that revealed no real emotion, but one that Yinn had learned to read. He was sitting up with both hands on the edges of the desk, composed. A number of girls surrounded him, asking questions.

Where did you come from? Why were you sent here? Did you have a girlfriend? Do you like anyone now? What about that black-haired girl next door?

He looked at them in turn, when they asked their questions, but answered none. When the girls quieted down a bit, he asked, “Is this why I’m here?”

The girls still surrounded him like bees around a flower. Treyvian showed no sign of impatience, but paid them just enough attention without actually answering any question. Yinn stood just next to the door, watching the process, wondering what she was told to be here for.

When the xaynms lost interest in interrogating him, they turned to Yinn.

“Aren’t you the girl Treyvian hangs out with most? Tell us how you get so much time with him!”

“Huh?” She was startled that the attention shifted to her so suddenly. She backed against the wall as the girls approached her.

“He’s a cute one,” one whispered to her. “If he’s yours, hand him over.”

“But he’s not-“

They didn’t listen. One of them-sent to the “school” for her inhuman strength-threw Yinn up to the rooftop of the building. She landed hard.

Immediately, Yinn searched for the exit. She didn’t reach it. It wasn’t clear whose abnormality it was, but the group reached her all too quickly.

“Come on, tell us!”

“Come on, Yinn!”

“Hand him over!”

She kept backing up, and the mob kept charging forward. Yinn had no fighting abilities. She could only heal.

Eventually, she was forced to step on the brink of the rooftop. One more step backward, and she would fall-ten stories down. At this time, Treyvian had gotten up to the rooftop as well. He wound about the mob until he could see clearly what was going on.

He could see her, but she couldn’t see him.

She didn’t notice some of the girls glancing at the angel with silver hair.

That was because, well, Yinn was looking at the ground ten stories below, trying to decide whether or not she would survive the fall with her abnormality.

If I land on my feet, I will survive, she thought. With this in mind, she decided not to be cornered anymore. She closed her eyes and took the leap, anticipating a moment of extreme pain.

It didn’t come.

Yinn opened her eyes, confused. It took her a moment to first realize the fact that she was in Treyvian’s arms, another to realize they were mid-air, and yet another to hear the screams of the mob. Finally, she realized that appearance was not the only reason Treyvian had been labeled as a xaynm.

He could fly.

Carrying her, Treyvian landed softly on the ground outside the school gates. Then, he put her down.

“Thank you,” she said to him, bowing her head.

“Not at all,” he replied.

“But Treyvian, you know I can heal.” While saying this, Yinn glanced up nervously at the girls on the rooftop. They had vanished.

“Yes, miss,” he said. “But there is an option of not getting hurt.”

“…Oh.” Yinn looked up at him. He was looking down at her with slight concern.



“Were you calculating how to descend without dying?” he asked.


“I see.”

It was then that he understood-she didn’t see him up there, and that she was measuring how to fall.

It was also then that she understood-he saw her up there, calculating time, when to catch her.

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