Jewelic Nightmare

Jewelic Nightmare | The Dress

The dress itself was not that much of a story to tell. It was just another lavish red dress, made specifically for action–it was a dancing dress, suitable for spinning, jumping, kicking. If it were stretched, it wouldn’t tear. One such dress, so recognizable and eye-catching, was made for the lone Queen of ice and snow. When she came across that dress, it was a dancing dress. But she treated it as her combat dress.

Her name was Charisse, but since no ruler publicized their real names, she didn’t use it either. As a result, she was known as Phoenix.

She had danced into Alexander’s kingdom as Phoenix, and ruled alongside him as Phoenix, but, behind closed doors, she was Charisse, and he was Ajax. To Ajax, she was more than the heroic Queen, even though that alone was reason enough for him to give her a share of his kingdom.

Long before they met, she had guided him out of that very nightmarish world.

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