Jewelic Nightmare

Jewelic Nightmare | The Kiss

She had no idea how it happened, but when Charisse opened her eyes again, there was a face right in front of her eyes, not even an inch apart. Her heart had already given a hard thump before she recognized the gentle green eyes that belonged to Ajax.

It was only when he removed his lips from hers that she realized they had been there at all.

“Did I scare you?” Was the first thing he said to her. “Thank god you woke up,” was the next.

“No…” She was glad that he was there. Having been the one who set her free from the gloomy realm, she was thankful to him. Charisse looked around. She was lying on a soft bed with blankets over her, and from the setting of the room, she seemed to be in one of the many rooms of a mansion, or something of the sort. “Is this where you live?” she asked, forgetting that she hadn’t thanked him yet since she woke up—she did a thousand times in her head alright.
“This is where we live,” he corrected.

She fell into silence, thinking it through. Seeing her thoughtful expression, Ajax waited.

“Was that…” Charisse began asking, but paused to rephrase her question. “Where was I?”

“I thought you would ask where you are, but you ask where you were instead.” Ajax gave her an amused look. “It was a kind of mental realm. We were in your head.”

“You got into my head by kissing me?” she asked bluntly.

What she received was another amused look. “Yes,” he answered. “I needed some help getting in there though. But I’m happy that I found you.”

“I am, too.” She thought some more. “Ajax…”

“What’s wrong? You look sad.”

Charisse sat up in bed. “Was I here in this room all that time?”

“You were.”

“Was I here before I went into that realm?”



“It’s alright. Cool down, Charisse.”

“Why do I not remember a single thing about my life before entering that realm?”

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