Jewelic Nightmare

Jewelic Nightmare | The Letter

After Charisse ran back to the garden in search of her present, Ajax followed her. He wouldn’t let her out of his sight, ever again. He chose a bench in the garden where he could see her, then he sat and opened the envelope. Inside was a handwritten letter.

“Dear Ajax,

“Ever since the day you picked me up from the scary ocean, I’ve been living under your protection. Every day, I am surrounded by beautiful flowers and a warm atmosphere. I have everything I need. Even your servants are amiable people, they all treat me nicely, as if I were the mistress of the mansion. Most of all, there is you. Sometimes, I feel that you are a busy man, since you own the mansion. But you still spend time with me to keep me company. In fact, you are always right by my side, you are always watching over me.

“I was shy and scared at first, but you helped me get over the fear of what seems like a dream now. The fear was real, but you were there too. And now it is like a nightmare that will never visit me again. From then till now, I’ve changed a lot, I smile much more now, sincerely from the bottom of my heart. All this, I owe you.

“But I feel that there is something else that I owe you, something from the depths of my memories that I can’t seem to touch. When you look at me, it always makes me wonder, it makes me wonder a lot of things. Who am I? Who am I to you? Who am I to this mansion? Who was I before the nightmare? When you look at me, I can see that you are happy that I am here, right in front of you. Yet at the same time, you look as sad as if you have already lost me, and that you are looking at a ghost, and not me.

“Am I a ghost of somebody who looked like me? Who am I?

“I have overheard some conversations between you and the servants as I passed you by. Whenever they asked about me, you would tell them ‘Let her be for now. She is still fragile.’ That ‘she’ is me, isn’t it? But what did you mean by that? Is there something I ought to know?

“Whenever I’m with you, I am safe, I am protected. Yet, I can’t help but feel as if I am being trapped somehow, in my present because I don’t have a past, in my lack of memories, in the thoughts that haunt me because I don’t know who I am, because I don’t know what I have done to deserve your care and protection. It is as if the heavens have sent me the most expensive gift, and I am undeserving of it.

“Being in a constant state of bliss, without knowing how it came to be, is somewhat terrifying for me. When I am busy being happy over here, you are watching over me with eyes that are both glad and sad. Please, let me ease your burden, especially if that burden is me.”

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