Jewelic Nightmare

|Jewelic Nightmare| The Present

Two months later, a happy Charisse was running towards Ajax, who was still the same—in an odd gap between cheerful and sad, energized and tired. “Ajax!”

A bright smile spread across his face when he heard her voice. He turned around to receive her with open arms. “Hello, you beautiful thing,” he greeted. “Today is your birthday. Have you found your present yet?”

Charisse pouted. “No…the garden is so huge, where would I find it?” She widened her eyes on purpose and looked up at him, as though begging him to just tell her where it was.

He looked away deliberately, still smiling. “Who knows? You’ll have to explore the whole garden.”

“No way, really? You won’t just tell me? Ajax, Ajax, Ajax~!”

“Yes, really.” Ajax chuckled. “Where is the fun if I just told you?”

“Okay then.” Charisse was smiling brightly again. “I got you something too. While I search for my present, you can open yours. I mean, it’s not really a present, but—” She handed him a pink envelope. “It’s not really a present, but, Ajax, I wanted to give something to you anyway. If I get a present from you on my birthday, then you should too.”

“Why would you need to give me a present when it’s your birthday?” He arched an eyebrow in curiosity. “But I’m glad to receive it. Thank you.”

“You didn’t even see what it is yet. Maybe you won’t like it.”

“I will.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Anything from you is precious to me.”

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