Letters to the Fireplace

Letters to the Fireplace | The Rich Girl

Dear Fireplace,

My last wish as a Barbie doll was granted. Not in the way I imagined–even though I hadn’t had the time to think of it back then.

I’ve done my math. I was born in a wealthy family five years after the fire that killed everyone in Sophia’s family. Now, I’m twenty-two, and a voice actress of the new generation of Barbies. They say I was born beautiful. My family named me Barbie just like that.

When I turned sixteen, all the memories came back to me. This is why I chose to move back to this haunted mansion after all these years. People nearby say that the fire I’m facing now has never ceased burning since the fire. No one dared approach this mansion for this reason. There are even ghost stories related to you, fireplace. They are scared of you.

“You’re rich enough to live in any other mansion. Why this one?” A lot of people have asked me this question. I only smile and not answer.

The riches of the world sometimes make you forget what you were born for. I was born to understand what Sophia had experienced. I must remind myself of that.

Adam is a voice actor for Ken. He likes me, I like him, so we’re together. Once again, we are the one true pairing, as if we’re the most natural pair on earth. It’s just like how it had been with Ken. We’ve been together for three months now, and everything is fine. As fine as Ken and Barbie ought to be.

He has never been in this mansion. Just like everyone else, Adam doesn’t understand why I would want to live here.

I said, “Because I like creepy things.”

He’d thought for a moment. “Does that mean I’m creepy?”

Hey, fireplace, up to this point, I’ve lost count of how many boyfriends I’ve had since my rebirth. Sometimes I leave them, sometimes they leave me. I figured that breaking up can’t be that bad. What do you think?

With no love,


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