The Most Powerful

|The Most Powerful| Too late to turn back

Sapphire woke with a scream in the morning of the fourth day. Her first instinct was to check both her hands to see if all her slender fingers were still there. They were. She let out a relieved sigh.

Her relief was short-lived.

Before long, an aroma filled her nostrils. It came all the way from the house. The sweet aroma of food…no, it was some type of soup. It smelled so good……

The prisoner closed her eyes. Without thinking, she smelled her own arm. The aroma wasn’t there. Frowning, she pressed her lips closer. Still subconsciously, she nibbled at her own arm. The abrupt sting woke her, and her sapphire eyes shot open. Her thoughts were suddenly clear.

Jem was going to eat her.

He really was about to eat her, just to enhance his powers to the most extreme, just to become the most powerful wizard in the world–in all worlds.

He was preparing the soup, even as she thought.

Why wait for Jem to throw her into the huge cauldron?

She was so, so hungry.

She would take revenge. She’d eat herself so that he couldn’t. In the past, she’d given and did whatever he wanted. Her goal couldn’t be achieved in the end, so neither would his. She was going to die anyway. Why not die with a full stomach?


Sapphire tried to bite her arm. However, her teeth weren’t sharp enough and her jaws weren’t strong enough to cause anything more than a red mark.

Got to tear it out.

She bit her own flesh and tore it out with a neat rip. The sharp pain brought tears to her eyes, blood spurting out like the fountain had before it was frozen. Even though she knew the blood ruined her originally gracefully beautiful dress, the taste of flesh in her mouth was fulfilling. In these moments, Sapphire had forgotten it was her own. Why did her arm hurt so much? And, ah–tasty flesh.

She tore at her flesh once more. The pain was excruciating. White snow was dyed with crimson.

Have to…get all the way…to the bone. Can’t…spare…even a little…for Jem.


Rapid footsteps were rushing her way, but she couldn’t hear, couldn’t see them. Sapphire had only one objective.

And then the cage vanished.

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