|Thereafter| Waking Up

When Derik opened his door again, he found the bedroom door still closed. He knocked twice, and opened it. He found Ekko curled up on the bed, with no blanket over herself, and the sheets were still damp. Thinking over what had happened the day before, that they had fought without making up, and all the things he had said, he put a hand on her forehead, brushing her hair back. After that, he kissed her cheek gently. “Ekko…wake up. It’s morning. I’m sorry.”

Ekko opened her eyes, seemingly dazed and confused. “Warm…”

It was when she rolled over that Derik realized she was talking about her neck and cheeks, not him. He checked her temperature, and told her to rest.

The fever burned for a few days, with Ekko falling in and out of consciousness.

When she fully woke, Derik was not with her, but cooking dinner in the kitchen. He put the dishes on the dinner table, and walked to her room, not knocking, since he was expecting her to be asleep. When he got to her, however, she wasn’t sleeping at all. Ekko was sitting up with a wide-eyed gaze, looking out the window.

“Ekko…? Are you feeling alright?” he asked.

“Hm?” She turned around to face him, smiling brightly. “Of course! What are you doing here, Mr…?”


She went away from the window to approach him, clearly in curiosity. “Who are you?”


“You seem like a good person, Derik.” Ekko smiled again, just as brightly as before. “How did you know my name and where I live?”


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