The Most Powerful

|The Most Powerful| When the dream ends

It tasted even better than it did in her imagination. Sapphire closed the door softly behind her as she stepped back outside, leaving the house to clean itself the way it had always done.

It was then that she realized it wouldn’t. Not anymore.

Everything around her dissolved. The doorknob she’d been holding, the house behind her, the snow, the grass, the fountain, the flowers. The illusion Jem had created for her, died with him. Sapphire found herself standing in the midst of people. She was in the city once again.

Screams were heard everywhere, when people noticed Jem’s body lying on the ground without a head.

Sapphire stood, rooted to the concrete under her bare feet.

“You’ve already had the best of your days here, with me. You ruined it yourself.” Jem’s words rang in her head.

No. Jem was wrong. She had a brother to heal. After eating his heart, Sapphire felt much more powerful, without even testing it out.

She whipped around and ran, hair flying behind her. On her way, she glimpsed an old woman sweeping the street with the speed of a snail. Sapphire snatched the broom from her and called, “Let me borrow that!” She ignored the confusion in the woman’s eyes as she sat sideways on the broom, soaring into the sky. She ignored the cries of the people, yelling “witch”. She was used to being discriminated anyway. Why should she care?

What a useless question. She didn’t care at all.

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