|Dream| 1

“Let’s jump and see what happens,” Kasia said, leaning over the railing. She was standing between Jayden and Lianna, gawking longingly down at the city beneath her feet.

“What happens is we die,” Lianna said. “You know we’re on top of a mountain, right?”

“Why do you want to jump?” Jayden asked.

“This is a dream. So if we jump, we’ll return to reality.”

“How do you know this isn’t reality?” Lianna asked.

“Though we might end up in three different worlds,” Kasia continued, not listening as usual.

“Then I’ll be a dragon and rule all the worlds,” Jayden said.

“Mmm…!” Kasia nodded at the city.

“What dragon? You’re no dragon,” Lianna snapped. “If you’re a dragon, then I’m Aphrodite.”

“Pft hahahaha…” Kasia bent over laughing. “Aph–where’s Cupid?”

“Oh, that naked kid,” Jayden said, smirking at Lianna.

“No, he’s–whatever. What about you?” Lianna asked Kasia.

“Me? I’d like to be a Mary.”

Then, the city disappeared. The ground vanished. All was but a dark void.

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