Monicha's Somber

Monicha’s Somber | 2

Years later.

Five astronauts on a spaceship were chatting away merrily when one of them bumped his back against an old cabinet about six feet high. He and his companions took no notice at first. However, when the cabinet started rattling all by itself, the astronauts were forced to open it.

Then, a girl in her late teenage years stumbled out.

The girl would be beautiful if she wasn’t covered with dust and dirt. She had a veil of black hair and gray sparkling eyes.

She squinted, crouching on the ground and looking very, very pissed.

A female astronaut whispered to the male beside her, “Monicha Kats. The one that disappeared years ago.”

They decided to throw Monicha out. After all, people already assumed that she was dead. Besides, the astronauts would be in trouble for not checking the spaceship carefully if they brought her home when they returned.

The look in her eyes, of course, was the main reason. Who could stand a cannon blast of a glare?

So throw her out they did. The five of them wore their space suits and just threw her out, notebook and all. They returned to their journey thinking a prosperous and long life awaited them.

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