|Dream| 4

Every time Jayden flew by, if he flew low enough, something burned.

A decade ago, it had been Mary’s house. It was only when she met the Jayden in his human form that she even knew she had died.

“I burned your house by accident,” he had said , not at all apologetically, glancing around the perfectly fine house while she stared at him blankly. “You’re dead.”

“Huh?” She kept gawking, her mouth open. “When did that happen? I’m dead?”

“Where’s the bathroom?”

She pointed.

He nodded towards the mirror. “Look.”

When she did, she realized she had vanished from the world. She was the only thing that remained in the valley.

Another Mary had been forgotten.

“So you killed me?” Mary asked.

“Seems like it.” He shrugged.

She picked up her lute, accepting her death as naturally as it wasn’t supposed to be.

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