Monicha's Somber

Monicha’s Somber | 4

In her moments of observation of her surroundings, she had completely forgotten about the reason of her being there at all. Now, though as she looked at her new image, she remembered once more.

Her hair was still black, but darker than ever before. Her eyes were big. They occupied a little over one third of her face. Her eyes were black too, so black she could no longer find her pupils. She had a small nose. Her lips were full and bow-shaped when she tried not to frown. She stood up. She noticed for the first time that she had cat ears on top of her head. Her human ears were gone. Her black hair was separated from the middle. Her skin was gray. It was the dark silky kind of gray. In fact, everything about her was gray and black except for the whites of her eyes and teeth. Her skin, her new ears, her Princess Jasmine clothes…they were all gray. They were different shades of gray—her clothes were darker than her skin and her hair was darker than her clothes—but they were all the same basic color.

She realized one thing.

She was the most exquisite thing on…not earth. Somber. It was her planet now. She named it Somber.

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