|Dream| 6

The world was always the same. No matter where he flew to, the humans gave the same kind of reaction. Ghost Valley was technically named after Mary and her skeleton army, and sure, it was a ridiculous place, but it was the same. Jayden never really understood why her lute could bring idiotic humans into her house. He could do so much better.

Killing Mary had really been an accident. He’d flown too low. She didn’t even know she was dead at first, and when she did, she had no comments. As long as she didn’t try anything, he had no objections about the skeletons.

As he flew over another village now, everyone who saw him bowed down. He was more popular than the real gods, ha.

A boy was walking by himself into the valley. Jayden exhaled at a tree next to him, and watched him jump. What a coward. As the boy hesitated over whether or not he should enter Mary’s house, Jayden landed on top of his mountain. When the boy turned around to look, he caught Mary narrowing her eyes at him.

Yes, he thought. If he enters, you have me to thank.

“Hey,” somebody asked next to him.

He turned.

“Uhh,” she said, “Can you shrink a little? My neck hurts from craning.”

Normally, he wouldn’t. But it seemed like some goddess wanted a word with him. Well, fine.

“You’re on my mountain,” Jayden said as soon as he shifted.

She massaged her neck. “I’m Aphrodite, not ‘on my mountain’,” she corrected.

“Aphrodite?” he repeated. “I thought she was pretty.”

Aphrodite scowled. “Well, I came here to watch Cupid. this is the best spot.” And she just sat.

“Why would Cupid even be here? And don’t sit on that.”

She stood up even while she said, “Why should I listen to you?”

“Because I’m a powerful dragon.”

“You sure are popular. Zeus is worried about his fame.”

“I will take over.”

The sky grew dark and it thundered. Jayden chuckled.

Aphrodite came closer to him. “Not that I care about how famous he is,” she hissed.

At this time, something crashed into a rock nearby. Both Aphrodite and Jayden looked. A young man with bow and arrows picked himself up and bent to gather his arrows. As he did, one of the golden tips scratched his finger. He bit that finger to suck at the scratch, glancing at the house Mary haunted.

All three on the mountain had very sharp visions. They saw Mary looking out the window for a moment.

“Ooh, what fun,” Aphrodite said.

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