Monicha's Somber

|Monicha’s Somber| 6

The female astronaut—one of the five that had thrown Monicha Kats out some time ago—was humming and cooking in her kitchen.

There came a knock at the door. She turned the stove off and wiped her hands on her apron. She went to open it.

In front of her stood the most stunningly threatening and inhuman creature she ever laid eyes on. It had claws and gray skin. She was about to scream when the gray hand covered her mouth.

The huge eyes widened in glaring, making her even more scared.

“I’m Monicha Kats,” she said.

Before she knew it, the astronaut was halfway down the stairs, carried by Monicha Kats. In another moment, she was in the old spaceship. It was then and only then that Monicha dropped her on the ground…of the old cabinet.

She watched as Monicha Kats moved. She moved faster than the wind, more swiftly than legendary vampires. In her human eyes, all she could really see was Monicha being here this moment, gone there the next, as if she was an image flashing to the next. She never heard her footsteps.

“I’ll not carry blood to Somber.” She heard Monicha hiss, behind her somehow.

Next thing she knew, there was a rope around her neck. Her feet were lifted from the ground.

“Have a nice afterlife.” Monicha said.

The cabinet closed.

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