Haven't Forgotten

Haven’t Forgotten | 6

A few weeks later, I watched the third car race. It was difficult to find a spot where I could see everything and hear everything at the same time–not to mention I wanted to stay hidden too. I found the perfect spot the first time, but I’d rather not tell where. As for how I found out about these races, I’d rather keep it to myself.

I didn’t understand the point of entering a race when everyone knew you were going to win. I still don’t understand. At every screech of the cars, I winced. Sometimes, I had to close my eyes when things got too…exciting. However, at the same time, I was trying to capture the moments. Sadly, I didn’t accomplish much at any one race.

Which was why I had to go three times.

When you stepped out of the car, you looked as calm as ever. One of your friends punched your upper arm lightly and said, “Nice.”

“Yeah” was your first response. Then, you chuckled and added, “Thanks.”

I wrote it down.

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