Monicha's Somber

Monicha’s Somber | 8

Five years later, every newspaper in every country had the same headline news in different languages, “Monicha Kats’s Ghostly Revenge”.

“Monicha Kats, once the secret agent of Martha Baham, had been assigned a mission on the Flyaster I—spying on the three Flyaster I astronauts and bringing back information. However, the three astronauts Jonathan Hester, Catherine Robertson, and Benson Blues had discovered her and locked her in a cabinet of six feet high.

“When they returned, they had forgotten about her. Kats stayed miraculously alive in the cabinet for two years until the lock came loose when the Flyaster I was used again. It was the journey six years back. The astronauts were Anthoney Greene, Rosalie Kasha, Oswald Brown, James Mark, and Kelliana Luis.

“Three months after the Flyaster I returned, Rosalie Kasha was found hanged and dead in the same cabinet Kats had been locked in. There was a look of horror on her face. The next year, Anthoney Greene was found dead the same way. So were Oswald Brown, James Mark, and Celina Luis. They died on the exact same date one year after the other. Every year, one of them died in the same place in the same way on the same date at the same time with the same look in their lifeless eyes. Celina Luis died last year. A month before her death, she noticed the killer’s routine and contacted the detective and told him of her story.

“Monicha Kats’s former boss, Martha Baham, was killed the same way last month. John Howard discovered her journal and found that Kats had been one of her secret agents.

“The first ones to be in Flyaster I told John Howard of their connection with Kats. They committed suicide together in Jonathan Hester’s house. They purchased guns……

“Citizens believe that this is Kats’s ghost’s doing. Although ghosts originally aren’t believed to exist, this particular case proves that……”

Monicha had chosen September to hang the last enemy. Now, it was Halloween. She traveled again and received words of admiration from all kinds of human beings. They thought her Somber look was a Halloween costume.

She bought the New York Times and hid herself in an alley until her hour was up. Then, she was back in Somber.

Sitting on a smooth rock, listening to the steady sound of the waterfall, she popped some candy into her mouth and began reading.

Monicha was satisfied. All foes were done with and none other was affected.

Plus, the news headline was the best ghost story yet.


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