Haven't Forgotten

Haven’t Forgotten | 9

I glance at the clock.

Two p.m.!

The drapes are drawn closed and I’m leaning against one side of your bed, sitting on the floor.

And I have your blanket.

I whip around. You’re not in bed anymore. I must have fallen asleep while waiting.

Immediately, I thrust the blanket on your bed and walk into the kitchen. You’re at the kitchen table by the stove, eating pasta.

“Sorry, you’re a bit late. There’s some in the pan if you want any. By the way, how’d you get in here?” you say.”

You let me in last night,” I reply. You didn’t. In fact, I stole your keys. “Where’s the paper I brought?”

“I don’t remember seeing you last night.” You probably know I stole your keys. “Your paper is out there on the table by the laptop.”

“Did you read it?”

“You’d get mad so no.”

You face your food again. I start laughing at this scene. I walk out of the kitchen to get the paper.

“Hm?” you ask with your mouth full, blinking in confusion. Seeing your baffled expression only makes me laugh harder.

“What’s so funny about me eating lunch?” you ask.

Actually, I’m thinking about all the times you got lost back before I found out you knew I was following you, and how you asked all the wrong people for directions.

“Nothing,” I manage to say.

“If you say so.” You’re not convinced.

I grab the sheets of paper and show them to you. “It’s finished,” I say.

“Nice,” you say. “How long has it been since then?”

Since you scared the wits out of me? “Months,” I answer. “Hey, Jayden.”

“Yes?” You are washing the dishes now, with your back to me.

I came here to say something to you. Since I got up late, it’s probably not the first you heard all morning, but if I don’t say it now…well, leave that.

After all, I haven’t forgotten.

I haven’t forgotten at all.

So I place the finished story on the kitchen table and walk to you. I turn off the faucet. Then, I draw in a deep breath to swallow the urge to keep on laughing and open my mouth to say the words.

But you’re smiling at me. You already know what I’m about to say.

“Ha…hahahaha…” Oops. That didn’t quite work, did it?

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