The Little Glass Slipper

|The Little Glass Slipper| Extra: Prince Charming

Although he wasn’t the oldest child in the family, expectations were never low when it came to the education of the prince. Most members of the royal family were able to meet these expectations with ease, but Dradel was not. It would have been fine, since he wasn’t the eldest anyway, had he not been the most popular. Due to the attention he was receiving from the people, it became more important for Dradel to do well in his studies—because of this, he sometimes received even more attention from the king and queen than his older brother, who would be successor to the throne.

But still, what one isn’t good at cannot be changed simply by receiving unwanted attention.

His incompetence as well as his popularity added together caused Dradel to be the target of every criticism, coming from other members of the royal family. While his sisters were unsympathetic and nonchalant towards his situation, his brothers took him as a rival.

To gain freedom and a breath of fresh air, Dradel left home.

As is with every choice, consequence followed. Dradel never would have guessed that his family’s response to his disappearance was to deny his existence altogether. He was certain that there was no going back then, and began to wander. It was not long before even the people had forsaken him.

It was at that moment that Charon noticed him standing alone.

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