The Little Glass Slipper

|The Little Glass Slipper| Chapter 6: Being found out

Charon managed to slip into the attic before Mame Treina woke. When the madam did wake, though, trouble came just as she’d anticipated.

“So,” Mame Treina began, her eyes narrowed and her chin held high. “You had fun last night.”

Charon stayed silent.

“How did you, a servant, receive an invitation?” Mame Treina continued asking. Charon didn’t answer. “Are you Prince Charming’s betrothed now?” she asked further.

“No,” Charon finally answered.

“No?” Mame Treina didn’t seem to believe her. What servant girl wouldn’t say yes if the prince asked for her hand?

“No.” Seeing Mame Treina’s outraged face right now, Charon was certain that her decision to escape the palace was correct. However Mame Treina punished her, it would still be better than getting Dradel involved.

“Make sure you don’t see him again,” Mame Treina ordered. With that said, she went out the door of the house again.

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