Lady Cora

|Lady Cora| Spotlight

The first time anyone sees me is always memorable.
So memorable, in fact, that after the first,
There will always be a second.
You will look for me, every time you set foot
On that same territory.

The first time anyone meets me, it’s always unexpected.
So unexpected, in fact, that in that split second,
Your mind might go blank.
Your eyes will never leave me, every time I appear
Within your field of vision.

I always steal the spotlight,
No, I wouldn’t even call it steal,
For I care nothing for attention.
It is you, creatures of the day,
Whose subconscious seek me even when you don’t want to.

And then you will chase, and chase, and chase
To the edge of the world you will chase
Over the rainbow, under the sea
Through the fire you will chase
With a slipper in hand, perhaps, but some chase bare-handed,
The reason for that I cannot comprehend.


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