Queer Orphanage

Queer Orphanage | Chapter 1

“One, two, three…hey, where did Henry go?” Kasia asked, trying to make a head count of the kids that were running around at her feet. “Stop running! Will you guys sit still for one minute so that I can count?”

Nobody paid her any attention, of course.

“Ten, eleven, twelve. Well, all are present.” That was one day’s roll call done. The teenage girl made her way, skipping, to her bed, which was made up of a pile of red and orange cushions sitting comfortably next to a bureau with a high-back executive chair, the chair being in the color of navy blue. Kasia ignored the office setting next to her nest, and plopped down on her cushions. She hugged one of the many pillows to her chest, curling up in a fetus position. Just as she was about to close her eyes and welcome herself into a world that only existed in her imagination and her old notebooks, she felt a heavy thud of something landing on her.

“Oof!” Kasia sat up and picked up the four-year-old that was attempting to occupy her bed. “No! This is my space. Go play with the other kids, Shira!” She put the little girl on the floor, but Shira showed no signs of obeying. Instead, together with the other orphans in this strange orphanage, she crawled back onto Kasia and her bed, making the supposedly cozy nest cramped and uncomfortable—for any of them, or so Kasia thought.

With a sigh, Kasia lay back down in surrender. This was an everyday routine anyway.

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