Queer Orphanage

Queer Orphanage | Chapter 3

One day, Jayden took a day off. Leaving the orphans in the care of a nanny whom Kasia was sure would regret her decision as soon as Jayden closed the door, the two made their way to a mountain. As if by instinct, Kasia leaned over the railing.

“I’m getting a weird flashback,” Kasia said, looking over the valley. “Were we ever standing in this exact spot with someone?”

“Yeah. With your sister.”

“I wonder why I can’t recall the exact memory.”

“Let’s jump and see what happens,” Kasia suggested.

“What happens is we die. You know we’re on top of a mountain, right?”

“Why do you want to jump?” Jayden asked.


“Jayden, look!” She pointed over the railing, at somewhere down in the valley below. “A walking skeleton from that cave. Do you see it?”

Jayden looked where she had pointed. He chuckled. “No, I don’t see it. You’re being overexcited.” It was good to be that happy, though.

“Hmmm, that’s too bad. I think it’s pretty cool.”

“Maybe you’ve been in the house for far too long and you’re hallucinating.”

“No way.” She glanced over the scenery before her. “I wonder if there’s a dragon there.” Saying so, Kasia turned her gaze to Jayden.

“You’re looking at him,” he replied.

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