Queer Orphanage

Queer Orphanage | Chapter 4

Days and nights flashed by. Kasia began receiving texts from someone that wasn’t on her contact list.

// I’ll burn down that little house if you don’t leave it. –Y.S. //

She decided to ignore it. She decided not to tell Jayden about it.

Little did she know, Jayden also received texts from someone with the same initials.

// She is toxic. Don’t you know? –Y.S. //

He also decided not to speak of it.

“Hey, kids,” Kasia said to the children one day, while Jayden was away. “Do you think I should leave this house?”

“Why?” Henry asked, rolling on the floor for no particular reason. “Are you bored?”

“Why? Why?” little Shira repeated after Henry. “Is Jayden bad?”

“No.” That answered both questions.

// Just get out. This is no place for you. –Y.S. //

// There is everything wrong about her. You know it. –Y.S. //

Unlike Kasia, Jayden spoke not a word about these texts, even to the kids. Behind closed doors, he tried to track down who it was. Yet, however many possibilities he’d tried, “Y.S.” was determined to stay hidden.

// Jayden Miller doesn’t trust you. He cares for no one. –Y.S. //

While it seemed to make sense at first sight, Kasia couldn’t help but notice that the two lines were actually unrelated.

// Are you sure this is the right thing to do, tolerating her nonsense? –Y.S. //

What? It is you that’s speaking nonsense.

With time, Kasia began to wonder why Jayden spoke even less than usual. Was there a reason for him to distance himself even more? At the same time, Jayden wondered if Kasia was hiding anything from him. No, he was almost certain that she was keeping something from him. Yet, he failed to understand her silence, and it was only then that he started to take the texts from Y.S. seriously. Meanwhile, also failing to understand his distance, Kasia made a decision.

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