Queer Orphanage

Queer Orphanage | Chapter 7

That was when she saw it, a white cat by the window. Sure, there are many white cats in this world, but she couldn’t be mistaken. It was Xue, a cat that shouldn’t be there. “Um, Gabe,” she began asking, “Do you see a cat by the window?”

Gabe followed her gaze and searched. “No.”

That was the moment she woke.

It came to him then, as he saw Xue sitting by the door of the burnt house. Jayden recalled how Kasia had been before, when there were thirteen cats instead of twelve. It was a simple difference that somehow had gone unnoticed. She used to refer to them as “kitties”. When thirteen was reduced to twelve, she began calling them “kids”.

He’d thought she was just joking. Apparently, she wasn’t.

Who had burned the house, then?

Jayden checked his phone. There it was, Kasia’s inbox. He watched in disbelief as her display icon flew out from his screen, and floated in the air as a water droplet. Floating, in a certain direction, willing him to follow.

Kasia made her way out of the house, towards the window where she had seen Xue. There she was, still there, staring straight at the girl. Kasia took retrieved her phone then, wanting to see if Gabe would see the cat if she captured her on camera. When she unlocked her phone, something else caught her eye. A soap bubble flew out from her screen, floating away. It wasn’t just any ordinary soap bubble, either. It had Jayden’s display picture in it. Quite literally, it was Jayden flying away from her.

Without further ado, she followed the soap bubble. It could burst any time.

← An excerpt from Kasia’s old notebooks
An excerpt from Kasia’s old notebooks →
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