Queer Orphanage

|Queer Orphanage| Chapter 8

If her memories had been fuzzy before, they weren’t anymore. As she followed the glistening soap bubble, worrying that it would burst before she reached her destination, the answers slowly came to her.

The texts were gone. The texts from Y.S. were gone, as if they had been part of the delusions. She had asked herself before, why Jayden was managing an orphanage of twelve. Wasn’t that the queerest thing in the world? Yet, she didn’t want to find out then, because it felt like something troublesome would happen if she knew the answer. It made sense now. They weren’t children, they were felines.

That was the first realization that came to her.

When the second came, she stopped in her tracks, feeling an urge to turn back from the soap bubble and forget all that had happened. If it was Jayden that the bubble was leading her to, Kasia wasn’t sure she was ready to tell him what came to her just then.

She was the one who had set the house on fire. It wasn’t some stalker named “Y.S.” It was her, even though she wasn’t aware of it when she was doing it. Was she that insane? But it had happened, like that. It was her.

In the end, she took a deep breath, and continued walking, hoping the cats were okay, even if they were cunning and not at all innocent as they pretended to be.


The soap bubble and the droplet of water, each containing an image, stopped in the same spot. They met each other and popped, in the middle of a bridge. Following closely behind were Jayden and Kasia.

“I have a confession to make,” Kasia said, forgetting to greet him first.

Jayden nodded. “Go ahead.”

She told him then, all that had come to her.

“I was thinking about how to tell you that,” he said. “I’m glad you figured it out, but there is an issue.”

“… …”

“Everyone is dead.”

“…I’m sorry. I really am.”

“And you escaped. Who took you?”


“And who is that?”

“I think he’s my boyfriend, but…I don’t have much faith in my own eyes right now.”


It was a whole month prior to Christmas, but as usual, the Christmas trees were already out. All around them were colors of red and green, almost a replica of the dream that Kasia had seen in her sleep. The only difference was, there was no fog, no mist, to block out Jayden’s face from view. She saw him clearly, at last.

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