Blame it on School

|Blame it on School| 1

“This here is…and this…the history of Korea……” the tour guide was babbling away enthusiastically, showing the students of Jackson High pottery from ancient Korea. Many of the students groaned among themselves, only to try to pay attention again when their teachers glared at them.

Kasia took pictures of most of the labels for the displays.

“What are you doing?” Miranda asked.

“Preparing for your ten-thousand-word essay.” Kasia smirked, winking at her.

Miranda only glared. “I’m not going to write ten thousand words,” she swore. “Two thousand maximum.”

“And now…”the tour guide clapped twice for attention. “We’re going to see a short clip of Korean culture. Another person will introduce that to you.”

“I thought we were watching a clip?” Kasia said. “A person is that clip?”

“Just another tour guide,” Miranda groaned, rolling her eyes.

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