Isabel and Annabel

Isabel and Annabel | 2

As Isabel traveled, the weather got cold. She recognized the unique black snow. She was in the kingdom belonging to Queen Icy.

The evil queen, Isabel thought as she hugged herself tight. At that moment, she wished her black bobs were long. She wished her red hair band was a scarf. She wished her blue short-sleeved top was long-sleeved. Wouldn’t it be warmer if her light brown shoes were boots?

She walked on. Whatever she did, she would not be going back to Surun.

And then she passed out.

Prince Frederick was Queen Icy’s step-son. Queen Icy had seduced Prince Frederick’s father after his mother died. Now his father was dead too, and he was left to deal with…

“That ugly old bitch,” Prince Frederick muttered under his breath as he sneaked to the door of Queen Icy’s chamber. He motioned for the guards to be silent as he walked by them. They nodded.

Before he even touched the handle, he could hear the evil queen’s malignant laugh. He peeped from the crack of her door.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The queen asked, adjusting her golden crown.

“For now, it’s Queen Icy,” the mirror calmly answered.

“What do you mean, for now?” Queen Icy lost her temper immediately. Everyone outside shuddered.

“There is an intruder in your kingdom, Your Majesty.”

The queen seemed to be studying the picture in the mirror. Then, she grunted. “Jacobs!” She yelled, marching towards the door. Prince Frederick hurriedly went away.

“Yes?” Jacobs squeaked. He was the queen’s advisor although he never advised.

“Kill that girl. You saw her in the mirror.”

Jacobs took a deep breath. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

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