Blame it on School

|Blame it on School| 2

When they got into the theater, Kasia dragged Miranda to the very front row.

“What are you doing?” Miranda asked for the second time of the day. “I want to take a nap.”

“Just shut up, will you? You’re not going to grumble for a whole week, are you?”

The lights dimmed, but no clip was on the screen yet. A young uniformed guy came out of nowhere and stood on one side of the screen–Miranda and Kasia’s side. The two girls were probably the closest to him.

“Yes…no. I’m not going to grumble the whole week.” Miranda began in a grumpy tone, but when she saw the guide, her whole attitude changed.

“Testing. Hello, Jackson High. About fifty years ago, Korea was……” the guide began to explain. “Now, here is the clip.” The screen began to light up, and the guide disappeared.

“You pervert!” Kasia accused.

The whole theater was dark now, except for the light of the huge screen before them.

“What pervert? He’s hot!” Miranda protested.

Kasia eyed Miranda suspiciously. “What the…?”

“Look, he can’t be any older than us, and already he’s a guide at the museum! Plus the fact that he’s good-looking–” Miranda gushed.

“–equals to your affection!” Kasia finished.

Miranda was blushing so hard her cheeks were the temperature and color of the fire. It was only by the light of the screen that Kasia saw it.

“Oh my god,” Kasia hissed, shifting her gaze back to the screen.

Miranda wasn’t paying much attention to anything at this point, but she heard a snicker.

When the clip was over, the guide reappeared in his previous position.

“As you see, the main features of Korean culture were……Goodbye, and have a nice trip.” The young guide said.

“I want to take a picture with him. Should I?” Miranda shook Kasia’s arm.

Before Kasia could even reply, the voice of Ms. Kros came piercing through the air. “It’s almost time! We’re late and behind schedule. Hurry up and go!”

That left Miranda no choice but to go.

Throughout the next few days, all Kasia ever heard from Miranda was the young guide, the young guide, and the young guide.

“Some stupid school trip, huh?” Kasia mused.

“No, listen to me!” Miranda slapped Kasia’s forearm once in excitement. The young guide again.

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