Isabel and Annabel

|Isabel and Annabel| 4

Annabel walked south as the weather grew hotter. She took her cape off. She pulled her small tiara out of her hair to hide her identity. Annabel’s long blond hair was certainly a bother She picked her pink dress up just a little to speed up with her walking.

She walked into a village in Queen Summer’s kingdom. Every young women were lined up. She went to one of them and asked, “What’s going on?”

“The prince…”

“The prince…Prince…Prince Eran? What happened to him?” Annabel remembered the handsome prince she’d always worshipped.

“He’s seventeen this year. When he was one month old, Queen Icy came down to give him a ‘birthday present’. The king and queen were worried. Queen Icy killed the king and told Her Majesty that His Highness would die on his seventeenth birthday.”

“Oh dear. Is he dead?”

“No! The queen of Surun came down after Queen Icy left. She gave His Highness a blessing. According to that spell, Prince Eran would sleep until the One destined to be his wife came and kissed him on the lips.”

“So now everyone’s lining up to kiss him? Wouldn’t his lips be swollen soon?”

“He has to wake. He inherits the throne. Anyway, who are you? My name’s Tiara.”

“I’m Annabel.”

“Princess Annabel of Surun?” Tiara began to curtsy.

“Shh…”Annabel began, but it was too late. Everybody saw Tiara’s curtsy. A man approached Annabel. He bowed.

“Udell at your service. I’m Queen Summer’s adviser. Please come with me.’

Annabel had no choice but to follow.

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