Blame it on School

|Blame it on School| 4

In no time at all, Miranda found herself locked in the back of a truck with Edison in a corner. It seemed to her that the men wanted to hold them for ransom. One of them took her phone away.

Edison stirred. Miranda went to him–more like wiggled, since her hands and feet were bound.

“Edison?” she whispered.

“Where…are we?”

“In a truck. I think we serve as hostages.”

“Oh…” he looked depressed. “I’m so sorry. We should’ve stayed in the mall.”

She knew it wasn’t the time, but she couldn’t help but smile. “It’s alright, Edison. I’d rather be held hostage here with you than…not spending time with you.”

He chuckled. “Anyway, I think I should tell you why I covered your mouth. I had an idea it was a gang like them when we heard them mutter ‘tourists’. The smoke would make you pass out if you took in too much.”

So that was why he fainted…why he covered her mouth and told her not to breathe…

“Th…thank you.”

He laughed. “No need for that. Perhaps I should’ve let you be the one to faint, then maybe we could escape, if I carried you instead…” he trailed off, brows furrowed.

“It’s—” Miranda began, but was interrupted by a shout.

“Oh damn!” a man’s voice said.

Alerted, both hostages turned towards the direction of the voice—the front of the truck. However, they were in the trunk, so they couldn’t see what was going on.

Then, they heard police sirens.

“Are we going to be saved?” she wondered out loud.

“If we weren’t tied like this…”

Some gunshots were heard, then, the doors of the trunk swung open. As expected, it was the police. They untied Miranda and Edison, and helped them into an ambulance. “That’s to check if you’ve suffered any injuries,” the cop assured.

Miranda had been sitting in the trunk the whole time with her hands tied behind her back, so she hadn’t noticed the pain in her left thigh. Now, as she stood up, she immediately stumbled and almost fell, wincing.

“Are you okay?” Edison asked, holding her up.

“I think they might have thrown me off a bit too hard,” she guessed.

“Hmm…” he creased his brows and stared at her.

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