Blame it on School

|Blame it on School| 5

It turned out that Edison was fine, but Miranda’s thigh needed more treatment. After visiting her, Edison left with a smile.

“Miranda!” a familiar voice greeted. It was Kasia.

“Oh…hi.” Miranda had just snapped back into reality.

“Was that…HIM?” Kasia asked excitedly, already knowing the answer.

“His name’s Edison!”

“Wow, so you know his name now, huh? But you abandoned me!” Kasia accused her jokingly. “Anyway, the plane leaves today…you’ll have to stay for a while longer.”

“You’re all going back without me?” Miranda couldn’t help but feel alarmed.

“You have to stay…that’s just too bad, isn’t it?” Kasia winked.

Miranda giggled, which sent Kasia looking at her suspiciously. “Yes, that’s too bad, because I’ll miss you!”

Kasia rolled her eyes. “Yeah, right.”


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