Bad Things

Bad Things | Part II: Nara; Chapter 6

Before heading back to the Haki clan, I looked in the mirror, making sure there was not a single strand of hair out of place. I smiled in satisfaction, seeing that every braid and every loose strand of silky black hair was perfect. I batted my eyelashes, practicing a soothing, gentle look in my ice-blue eyes, a color that matched Kaemon’s attitude and, and my own heart. After checking my clothes as well, I put on a purple veil across my face.

It was Kameko who greeted me at the door. “Welcome back, mistress.” She bowed her head respectfully, showing a polite smile. “How was your trip?”

“It’s good to see you as well, Kameko. My trip was splendid. How are Kaemon and the boys?” I asked in return.

“They are doing great, mistress. A new apprentice came several months ago. He is named Jiro.”

As we spoke, we made our way towards the training ground. The boys all halted their exercise, shining bright smiles at me in recognition—all except one, a fair-skinned young man with his hair tied at his nape, and a pair of clueless green eyes—as the rest of the boys shouted, “Mistress Nara! Welcome back!”

I beamed at them and waved slightly, before strolling in the direction of the house. “The one in green?”

“Yes, that would be him.” Kameko seemed surprised that I knew, yet she didn’t ask how I knew. Frankly, though, the answer should have been obvious. In my mind, I rolled my eyes—but a lady would not do such a thing, even if she was a lady with a katana under her fashionable garments.

“Is Kaemon in his study?” I asked.

“Yes, Master Kaemon should be in the study.” Taking my question as a cue, Kameko bowed once again. “I shall remain at my place at the office until I am called.”

“Do so. See you later, Kameko.” With that said, I approached the study, and knocked on my dear husband’s door.

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