Hushabye | Chapter 10

Stella closed her eyes. Hidden in a tree, she couldn’t see anyway.

Soft chuckling, a foreign male voice and a familiar female one.


Aella in Craig’s cave? Chuckling?

That was just wrong.

Stella bit her knuckles to keep herself from screaming. She knew that, somewhere back in Mist, Dallas was having bad dreams, worrying about Aella’s safety even in his sleep. And here, she was……

Dallas and Aella, the beautiful people.

Dallas and Aella, kissing in the rain right in front of Stella’s eyes.

Dallas and Aella, standing back-to-back, guns in their hands.

Dallas and Aella, staring into each other’s eyes as if Stella didn’t exist.

Aella taking care of Dallas when he had a fever.

Dallas rushing back to the headquarters with a bleeding Aella in his arms.

Aella and Craig entertaining one another…was it Boss’s fault?

Stella opened her eyes and discreetly climbed down from the tree. Upon landing, she saw someone staring at her.

“Stella, I’m Thompson from Mist. Boss told me to get you back,” Thompson whispered.

Having lost the will to bring Aella back to Dallas, Stella followed Thompson home.

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