Hushabye | Chapter 11

Waking up to yellow roses didn’t soothe Dallas at all. The night air was a bit chilly. He sneezed, and then smiled sadly at the roses next to him.

The scenario was so different last time.

The last time Dallas caught a cold was the night Aella went hunting with a few other subjects.

“I’ll wait for you right here,” Dallas had promised, sitting by the exact yellow rose bushes.

“You’ll catch a cold.” Aella frowned disapprovingly.

“Then you’d better come back soon.”

Aella patted his head as if he was a little boy, and left with the party. As they’d both expected, Dallas developed a fever the next morning. Aella traveled all the way to the river and back just to bring him water. While his head was still burning, Dallas kissed her hand and mumbled, “Don’t ever leave.”

“I’d never leave you, Dallas,” Aella had said, lying down beside him, smiling innocently as if she would really never leave.

Now, Dallas had to stand up by himself and walk back to the headquarters before he got too sick, because Aella wasn’t back yet.


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