Hushabye | Chapter 12

“Why did you agree last night?” Craig asked the next morning.

“Because you’re the boss of Smokeys,” Aella replied most nonchalantly.

“Smo—? Hm…” Criag brought his face closer to hers and studied her expression. “Are ye gonna run away?”



“I don’t have anywhere to run to.” Aella put her hands on his chest and pushed him back, turning around so that their positions reversed. Then, she pushed him slightly and his back hit the wall of the cave. She kept her hands where they were. “And you said I’m prestigious.”

“I want to prove that,” Craig said.


He nodded.

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4 thoughts on “Hushabye | Chapter 12

  1. Great posts
    I hope you don’t mind my saying… Posting all at once isn’t cool, you cloud the reader and readers can’t view them all at once, except the person is really jobless.. I advice that you schedule your posts giving enough break between each post… Also they are not organized am seeing chapter 23 before chapter 15 and likewise.. This would help improve your blog and people would keep coming back for more..
    This wasn’t said to be offensive
    Do stop by space sometime


    1. Thank you for your suggestion. On a side note though, chapter 15 and 23 are of two different stories, and all stories are organized in the menus at the top of the page. Please take a look there and let me know if that makes things better. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. If you didn’t tell me I wouldn’t know and thats how it will be for others readers..Most wordpress readers read from the reader and don’t bother to visit the blog itself. So on that note, if you can give details on each post like the title, a brief description of the story, a link to the previous chapter, it would be better,because I am seeing it as just chapters to stories and reading was very confusing. Another instead of the title just being a chapter if the title of the story is Hushabye for instance, its better represented as Hushabye |Chapter 2.. I hope you get my point here and try to implement it


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