Hushabye | Chapter 13

“Good morning, folks,” Boss greeted the crowd, scanning to do a rough headcount. His gaze lingered on Stella. “And welcome back,” he said a bit coldly.

“Boss, I know where Aella is,” Stella reported.

“Where?” Boss didn’t seem interested, but all other Mist people looked fixedly upon Stella.

“The Smoke cave.”

Sharp intakes of breaths were heard. Strange glances were exchanged. However, no one dared say a word. They waited for Boss’s response…which was nothing.

“She was having a good time with what’s-his-name, Craig?” Stella continued.

This was even more shocking news, but Boss ignored it and announced, “Let’s start working!”

“What?” Stella protested. “You’re not going to do anything about it?”

Dallas was sitting outside of the crowd, taking in every word Stella said. He took a deep breath, but ended up coughing.

He wouldn’t believe it until he’d seen for himself.

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