Hushabye | Chapter 17

When he got back to the headquarters, Stella caught him the best she could, but she wasn’t Aella. She wasn’t as strong.

After that, Dallas shifted in and out of consciousness as Stella treated his wound. She was talking the whole way through, but Dallas never listened to a single word.

It seemed like a lifetime ago, but it had only been a few months since Ellie died. Mist and Smoke had been in battle. Dallas and Aella stood just like she and Craig sat that day. Ellie was Dallas’s little sister, and he loved her above all else. All went well until someone from Smoke shot Ellie in the ribs.

“Ellie!” Dallas had rushed to her. Aella followed without a word, and covered for the both of them. She’d shot down any Smoke subject that approached.

“Dallas…I won’t make it,” Ellie said. “Look after Aella.”

After a while, Aella was tired. Dallas took over her position. By then, Ellie was gone. Aella placed all her trust in Dallas and his abilities, and wept over Ellie. She didn’t begin to pay attention until she noticed a pair of feet on the other side of Ellie. She glanced up and recognized Craig.

Immediately, she stood. “Dallas,” she warned.

“Sad, eh?” Craig sneered.

Aella and Dallas kept silent. Everything else faded into a blur around them.

“Aella, isn’t it? You’d be much happier with Smoke.”

“I don’t think so.” Dallas had denied. Aella’s hand had been in his, safe and certain. Both were grieving for Ellie, but glad that they still had each other.

“Let the lady speak for herself, won’t ya?”

“I’d never follow you in a million years…even more,” Aella said, her voice shaking but full of confidence at the same time.

Craig held a gun.

Aella let hers fade into the air for the moment and grabbed both of Craig’s wrists. She twisted his arms. Dallas kicked him—and Craig almost flipped over.

Simultaneously, Craig shot Aella. As he had been in the physical process of being flipped over, he didn’t aim too well. It got her leg, and she fell as well.

That was the day Dallas carried her and dashed back to the headquarters.

Wasn’t it beautiful, when they got hurt together like one soul in two bodies?

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