Hushabye | Chapter 18

Over the next few days, the level of intimacy between Craig and Aella increased. They went everywhere together, and the Smoke subjects accepted Aella as one of their own, if only because of their leader. On the other hand, Stella never stopped cursing Aella. Sometimes, she even forgot to keep quiet in front of Dallas, which was why he spent every waking hour getting as far away from her as possible. Boss kept to himself as always, not giving away how he felt about the whole situation. The Mist subjects seemed lost with Aella gone. Many were wondering why Aella had been banished for such a minor mistake; some tried to plead to Boss, but he wouldn’t hear a word.

“Them Misties are probably in a mess right now!” Craig exclaimed cheerfully. He’d adopted Aella’s vocabulary.


“Is it easier now to take over? I think so.”


“I should plan an attack on them right—”

“No, I have a better idea.” Aella winked at him.

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