Hushabye| Chapter 2

“Dallas, you’re back!” Stella beamed at him sweetly when he and Aella reappeared in the Mist area. Dallas nodded at her.

Aella looked up at him. “Did they see who we are?”

Dallas nodded solemnly. “Some of them at the back must have recognized us.”

“You were seen?” Stella exclaimed a little too loudly. Aella took a step away from Dallas’s embrace so she could see him without straining her neck. She took a deep breath.

“That means we screwed up,” Aella mumbled.

“Don’t worry about it.” Dallas stroked her wavy reddish brown hair, his hand lingering behind her ear.

Mist people began whispering amongst themselves. Aella and Dallas were among the best and most skillful Mist subjects. They couldn’t possibly mess up something so simple.

“Dallas, Aella,” came a booming voice, filled with authority. It was Boss. He had his arms crossed.

“Yes, Boss.”

“Dallas, you brought yourselves back before you could be caught. That was alright but you will receive five extra farming shifts. Aella, come to my cave,” Boss ordered. Aella gave Dallas’s hand a quick squeeze before following Boss.

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