|Hushabye| Chapter 22

Aella was the one who carried Dallas into the Smoke cloud. It was her who carried him out.

“How come you’re so strong?” Craig asked in awe.

“Because I’m me,” she answered as she set Dallas down against the wall. “They should be here soon.”

“You know’em well, eh?”

“Been there my whole life. What do you expect?” she replied, beaming.

As promised, the Mist people came soon enough. Craig and Aella sat in the cave, watching the battle. Both of them were smiling.

Douglas and Stella entered the cave with a few more men. “Put your hands up!” Stella yelled.

Dallas stirred. His eyes opened. He sighed as he took in the situation.

Stella aimed her gun at Aella, hatred in her eyes. Aella only smiled brighter. The other people had their guns aimed at Craig, not daring to shoot Aella.

A gray gun formed in Aella’s hand.

Dallas turned to watch.

“It’s no use, Douglas. Your man’s in my hands. Aella’s on my side,” Craig said. “You’ve been tricked into coming here.”

“No,” Douglas muttered.

“Tricked?” Stella breathed.

Aella raised her gun and took a step backward, closer to Dallas.

“See, Douglas?” Craig was smirking.

“Craig, don’t move!” Aella screamed suddenly. Everyone froze. Aella used that fraction of a second to shoot Craig in the chest with a white gun. He had just enough time to register the truth, but he didn’t have the time to feel it sink in.

Boss glanced outside casually. Then, he turned back to Aella. “Bravo! Aella, it was perfect! As expected from you.” Saying this, he gave her a bear hug. “Mist, let’s take over!” he called out to his people. The men who’d followed into the cave went to join the fight.

“What just happened?” Stella sat on the ground, trying to figure it out.

Aella turned around and swiftly curled the smoke straps around her finger, freeing Dallas. “Good thing he gave you Smoke,” Dallas said, relieved.

“Hush, Dallas. How long have you been sick? Is your leg healed? What about—”

Dallas embraced her. “You even fooled me, little witch.” At that moment, he was so relieved that hot tears stung his eyes.

“Dallas was sick?” Stella asked, oblivious.

Aella turned to her. “You didn’t know? Didn’t you…weren’t you with him every day?”

Boss chuckled. “Stella isn’t you, Aella.” Stella glared at him. “Uh, of course, you’re not Stella either.”

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