Hushabye | Chapter 3

As soon as Aella was gone, Stella stepped up to Dallas. “Wow, that means you’re out of trouble!”

“Five extra shifts,” Dallas pointed out to her warily.

“That’s probably better than what Aella’s going to get,” Stella said cheerfully.

Dallas began to walk away.

“Hey!” She chased after him. He turned back around. “If something happens to her, I—”

“Aella will be fine,” Dallas insisted. “She can protect her own interests, and if she can’t, I will, okay?”

Stella pouted. “How rude of you.”

Just then, all Mist people heard Boss yelling, “Out!” One second later, Aella was bolting out of Boss’s cave, her head down. She didn’t even glance at Dallas when she passed him, but he followed until she stopped at a lake with nobody around.

“What’s wrong?” Dallas asked.

At first, she didn’t even seem to hear him. But after a short while, she turned and stalked right up to him, staring at him in the eye.


“I’m done with this place. I’m done with Boss, Mist, and I’ll be done with you, after this final kiss,” Aella announced icily. Before Dallas could fully take in what she was saying, she’d leaned forward and kissed him, a bit more aggressively than he remembered. After that, she glared at him for a second, and being sure he’d seen it, she apparated through mist.

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