Hushabye | Chapter 4

Did she blame him for being scolded by Boss? Boss was rarely angry—and even when he was, he never let it out on Aella. Aella herself was never comprehensible—not even to Dallas, at times. She didn’t seem to have a pattern in her action or speech. She didn’t seem to have a definition. Aella would smile sweetly and dance, or she would curse and shoot with her mist gun. She would be the good girl and take orders, or she would be disobedient and do things her own way. Whatever she did, all of Mist would be satisfied. No one blamed her.

But Boss yelled “out”. At Aella. Being seen by Smoke, was it so fatal that this would be the consequence? Aella leaving Dallas and Mist, saying she loathed them all?

Such were Dallas’s thoughts as he made his way back to the majority of Mist, where he began his first extra shift in the fields.

“What happened? Where’s Aella?” Stella asked, faking concern unsuccessfully.

Dallas sighed.

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