|Hushabye| Chapter 7

“Why aren’t you tying me up with smoke or something of the sort?” Aella asked as Craig drove in a gray cloud he’d summoned.

“Look at them Smoke subjects.” Craig pointed at his people. They were murmuring, probably wondering if what they were seeing was real. “I got the Mist girl.”

“Wouldn’t this be better?” Aella suggested. She leaned forward from the backseat and reached out, one arm by either side of Craig’s neck. She then took the wheel and continued driving forward. “Hit the pedal,” she said.

Without thinking, Craig hit the pedal. They surged forward, straight into Craig’s cave.

“Welcome to your new…home, hahaha.” Craig stretched his arms as soon as they got to his cave.

“Hold on,” Aella protested. “I’ll be in your cave?”

“You’re prestigious, of course.”

Aella nodded thoughtfully.

“Now,” Craig placed his hands on her shoulders. “I think we ought to have some fun.”

“What?” Aella’s voice raised only a little. Then, she composed herself and let her hands hang from his shoulders. “Sure,” she said.

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