Stören | Begegnungen

It was a long day for her, and she had a feeling that it would be a long night ahead, too. The petite woman tried to blink the dryness out of her eyes, and pushed open the door of Luzia, a modest bar and, ironic as it seemed, the perfect place for Mitsu to spend some time gathering her thoughts.  It wasn’t that she came every night, but she did come frequently enough that she knew which seat would be left empty for her. Just before entering, she released her glossy black hair from the elastic that had been tying it up in a neat ponytail, running her fingers through her mane so that it veiled just as neatly down her back. When she was close enough to her seat, however, she saw that the table was already occupied by a man. Mitsu blinked, surprised—by the fact that the table was taken, but even more so by the feeling she got that she had known him, at some point, though for the life of her she could not recall when.

She was about to turn away and go somewhere else, but decided that she could just join him.

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