What we do

Original stories, or rewritten fairy tales. Message me story requests anytime you’d like, I’ll try to write them. Also, if you have any questions or comments regarding my stories, please feel free to contact me and tell me about them!

Two people take part in OMail’s business — the writer and the illustrator, though Miss Illustrator is very busy and hasn’t drawn much yet. She’s currently working on OMail’s official art though! We are known as Rita Jay (writer) and Elaineing=D (illustrator). And…yes, Rita Jay is the writer of everything that is posted here (except the quotes, which are properly cited).


Otherworldly Mail was officially founded on 15 August 2012, and the origin was this: Rita Jay had been writing long before that, and during the summer of 2015, her sister began writing letters to some of her characters (mostly to a male character named Julian Kasia, but this character is nonexistent now, buried in the depths of our hearts…forever…), and Rita Jay replied to them as those characters. Gradually, it was decided that it was a waste of paper if that continued for too long, and the Facebook page of “Otherworldly Mail” was then created (that’s gone too though).

As you can see, the name “Otherworldly Mail” refers quite literally to “mailing service of another world”. OMail was originally a post office serving readers and characters, delivering mail for the said parties. Nowadays, although this function remains, OMail serves mainly as a channel of publishing stories from Rita Jay and pictures from Elaineing=D.

For those of you who are curious about the writer and illustrator, we met in high school. We were classmates at the time, and Elaineing=D became Rita Jay’s official illustrator by showing her a fan art of the character Engeline (see “Other stories: Gallons of Tears”). Rita Jay was pleasantly surprised that Elaineing=D’s imagination of the character matched her own almost completely, thus inviting her to be the official illustrator.


Twitter: @Rita_Jay_OMail; @El_nnng

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