Mailbox Collection

The excitement of dreams coming true is beyond the description of words. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Mailbox Collection contains stories written out of requests of others. You make a request, I write it, then it goes into the Mailbox Collection.

Blame it on School —— A request from “Miranda”. A fangirl request from “Miranda”… (5 chapters)

The Little Red Cape —— This little red cape lives in a world different from the original one. Her world is one where she is the only sane person. Ronei: the little red cape. Drew: the wolf. Miss Thomas: grandma. Kellia: the hunter. And one more… (12 chapters)

Bad Things —— First written in 2014 out of request, now a rewritten version. There is a label on this package: “PROCEED WITH CAUTION”. Whatever happens to you from this point onward…is none of my business. (15 chapters)

The Island of Xaynms —— Everything that shouldn’t happen. Everything that isn’t right. Remorse, regret, and consequences. (18 chapters)

The Midas Touch —— The Midas Touch–the famous story of a king who had hands that turned anything to gold. What are our weaknesses as humans? Can we confront them? (17 chapters)

Stören —— A request from “Allyce” and “Hazen”. Technically, they made two separate requests, but I combined them into one. (7 chapters)