Other stories

There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place. — J. K. Rowling

The Most Powerful —— One witch, two wizards, and a maid. A journey full of blood and schemes, love and hatred–and decisions. How could one wrong decision lead to your death? Oh, but it could. (13 chapters)

Hushabye —— Through thick and thin, smoke and mist…I will defend you. (23 chapters)

Rella —— A rewritten version of Cinderella. (16 chapters)

Thereafter —— The plot twist you never wanted. (13 chapters)

Monicha’s Somber —— Monicha–once a normal human being. One event turned her into an otherworldly assassin. (8 chapters)

Isabel and Annabel —— Written in the summer of 2012, two fairy tales retold–only for fun. Relax. (7 chapters)

Gallons of Tears —— Turn around. Turn around and see who’s been here the whole time. (9 chapters)

Legend —— The story began under a strangely beautiful tree with sparkling pink leaves, involving a girl with a legendary pair of red eyes and a natural pink streak in her hair, and a legendary boy whom she called “Legend”, for unknown reasons.  (10 chapters)

Fallen Angel —— Some misunderstandings, they cost you your life. (4 chapters)

Letters to the Fireplace —— A Barbie story. (11 chapters)

Bloodlust —— If I could, I would want to die after you…so that you would never be alone. But…what if I can’t? (single page)

The Little Glass Slipper —— The classic tale retold, with a little twist. Do dreams come true just because, at no one else’s expense? (13 chapters)